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-- About --

Experience Overview

Anne Miles is one of Australia's most experienced in the production industry having worked across multiple disciplines from working in agencies, film companies, post production and visual effects bringing deep industry knowledge to her work. With many years managing the operational flow of work through agencies and production services Anne works regularly to assess workflow, improve systems and processes that enable the best creative to flow at the same time with an eye on profitability. Over the last 5 years Anne has worked as a consultant to the industry helping businesses with their growth strategies including handling their processes, their people and their perspective. With additional training as a business coach and marketing skills Anne's coaching touches everything from the wider business strategic thinking to the very smallest detail on the creative floor. Case studies available on request. (Please note that some of Anne's clients like to keep her work private and not all make case studies available).

Bridging the gap - strategy to execution

Anne's mission is to bridge the gap between strategy planning and the final execution - what needs to happen during the production to make it connect better for the market, whether that be the choice of the talent, locations, direction standards, performance, use of colour psychology, copywriting language and good storytelling. With a key eye on the internal processes that ensure that connection is bridged. Anne is an Advanced Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner bringing aspects of Positive Psychology, personality profiling, and communication strategies that connects to different thinking styles.

Brands and Friends

Connect with Anne on LinkedIn below for a full CV. Responsible for project management and team management of all budget levels from $1000 to $1M with department responsibility for approximately $20M turnover per year. Anne has high level experience across all media formats including TV, radio, online, events, corporate communication, cinema, and emerging skills in iPhone apps, website construction and strategy, digital marketing, offline marketing strategies, and ebook publishing. This is just a sample of the types of clients that she has worked with. Anne's experience with fast turn-around volume productions is vast, with a specialty in automotive work. General Motors Holden, Ford Motor Co, Honda, Toyota, Ford Dealers Advertising Fund, Transport Accident Commission, Bob Jane T Marts, Calder Park Raceway, Isuzu, Goodyear, Black & Decker, Goodyear Auto Service Centres, L’Oreal, Pantene, AMCOR, Clairol, BHP, Macleans, Sensodyne, Elders Pastoral, Schmackos, Ansell, Victorian Electoral Commission, Mildara Wines, Sexual Assault Education (Gov’t), Glenfiddich, Ribena, Nabisco, Mitre 10, Axa, Water Safety (Government), Ocean Spray, Sleepmaker Beds, Coles Supermarkets, Blockbuster Video & Blockbuster Music, Telstra, Kraft Foods Ltd, Sussan, National Australia Bank, Herald Sun, Myer, Cricket Board.

Strategic Thinking

As a trained business coach and being the person who constantly asks 'Why?' Anne brings product development skills and strategic thinking to her work. Anne consults with industry businesses who want to expand their business, solve process and profitability issues, who want to improve their creative product, create new income streams, and who want marketing solutions. She helps businesses produce the work or shows them how to do it for themselves. Case studies available.

Innovating for Growth

Anne has pioneered many innovative production techniques including being the first to provide in-house productions, in-house editing, use of digital formats and innovative business models in agencies - all with the objective to bring clients more production value for their investment or to lower production costs across the board. Anne has held positions as Head of TV at McCann-Erickson, J.Walter Thompson, and Grey Worldwide, was a founding partner at Exit Films, General Manager of Motion Design Studio The DMC Initiative, produced for industry legends Rey Carlson and John Lyons and worked in post production and Visual Effects which really means her experience is very broad. As Malcolm Gladwell says it's the hours that matter, but surely it is a breadth of experience that adds even more value. Anne's philosophy is based on Kaizen principles - constant and ever-improving by incremental changes. Forever the student, there is no such thing as sitting still with Anne.

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-- Blog

-- Blog --

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