“As a survivor of domestic and workplace abuse, I know too well that the portrayal of negative stereotypes in media, marketing and advertising is directly linked to domestic violence, bullying and mental health problems.”

Having experienced domestic violence, workplace bullying, sexual abuse, ageism, gender discrimination, bias, financial disadvantage and even good old fashioned judgment and prejudice for my lifestyle, I’m passionate about making change and standing up for the people of Australia.

We need to make change from reviewing our legal pathways, making the media and marketing self-regulation systems fairer and more accessible, taking away the old ways of segmenting customers, questioning how we represent people in casting to be more accurate and inclusive, and we need to take unconscious bias out of the marketing and creative process including hiring practices.

All these issues remain unchanged in Australia with no sanctions in place and often perpetrators benefiting from notoriety and repeat offending.

By contrast, the portrayal of negative stereotypes in the UK is enforceable by law. Australia needs to get up to world standards or our people will continue to be harmed, businesses will not reach their full potential and we’ll continue to do harm to our people.

It isn’t all bad news and we can do something about it together. I share my journey and personal learnings as well as insightful strategic moves for business performance.


  1. Educate yourself and be empowered to live authentically without being bound to stereotyping and other people’s limitations – coaching
  2. Educate your business team and break the bad habits in the strategic and marketing process end to end – training, speaking and process audit
  3. Dive into the power of gender neutral marketing including use of gender neutral creative themes and communication – speaking, training, coaching. Download a checklist here
  4. Help me encourage Government intervention into the self-regulation systems in media, marketing and advertising by writing to you local member of parliament. Feel free to share this submission paper: here
Anne Miles Unconscious Bias
Anne Miles speaking on Unconscious Bias in the marketing process – Aquent Event

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