Out of the box experience and skills

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in business, marketing, advertising or in life with this broad range of skills and experience. Anne is able to transverse business strategy, product and brand strategy, marketing strategy and move right through the customer journey through creative, production, and out into the media.

On top of that Anne’s understanding of people and what makes us tick is vast. Anne has been an innovator with many industry firsts and trailblazing concepts in advertising, film production and marketing. Top that off with some nerdy tech skills and you have the complete package. Her understanding of people means she can coach individuals and families as easily as business teams and help anyone break through limitations of harmful stereotypes to live an authentic life and break through to new levels of success.

She can change tyres, build decking, milk cows, design gardens, create sculptures, cook Japanese and write books too.

Anne brings this high performance thinking and experience together to impact society, grow businesses and develop on an individual level.

Unboxed: For societal, business and personal impact

Being UNBOXED is all about living outside the typical stereotypes and being your authentic self and respecting each other’s authentic selves. Being defined by other people’s ideas is harmful and limits us all. This concept is also important for improving brand and business performance and most of all for societal impact.

> Speaking
> Advisory
> Coaching (Executive, Business, Individual, Family)
> Training (Business, Individual, Parenting)
> Strategic planning
> Process audit (marketing, media and advertising)
> Creative and production supervision


“BIG RED is an agency that prides itself on being a leader in helping make the Australian advertising industry a better place – for ourselves, our clients and all other stakeholders. Anne has helped us define our policies and practices in Unconscious Bias that not only makes our business better, but also drives demonstrably better commercial outcomes for our clients”. Dan Ingall, CEO Big Red Communications Group.

‘Well spoken, warm and kind. And brave!”

“Anne, it was fantastic, you really opened my mind. Loved how you made it so personal. I feel like I will look at the world a little differently now”

“A very respectful session”
“Relate-able, easy to listen to and well spoken”

“A great, engaging presenter. Made everyone feel comfortable discussing the topics”

“Incredibly respectful, and relate-able. Engaging and informative”
Various Anonymous Audience Members

“My love for advertising is one of the many reasons why I got into communications, so to spend an hour with Anne Miles dissecting what makes advertising gender neutral, or in many cases bias, was brilliant” Rebecca Blewitt

“A fascinating lunchtime #digitalks today about unconscious bias and gender neutral marketing from Anne Miles. 83% of marketers think they are avoiding gender stereotypes – what a disconnect. I learned a lot in just one hour and I’m looking forward to using the very handy and free Gender Neutral Checklist supplied by Anne’s company Suits&Sneakers” Lisa Smyth

“I’m halfway home on the train and I’m still floating in some bubble of happiness after listening to Anne Miles from Suits&Sneakers speak about outsmarting unconscious bias and bringing humanity into social. I’m unsure whether to rave about her or the content she delivered. When you listen to an authentic, real, funny, nerdy, classic, modern, grounded, beautiful, caring, giving individual share her knowhow without withholding anything […] Me becomes speechless. Most times I’m unsure what I’m most passionate about, but Anne hit some nerve today for sure”
Nim Madanayake

“I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation this morning. You mentioned having failed a presentation course 😉 but I thought your talk was interesting and entertaining. More so, being new around here but being a big believer in the diversity conversation; I’ve found that many of the people I have met in my own journey to be pretty militant, which of course always puts people off a little. You, on the other hand, were genuinely inclusive & I found you to be balanced. I didn’t feel the need to apologise for being male. Thank you very much. You were surrounded after, & I couldn’t face the scrum for your attention but I’ll come say hi the next time we are in the same room” Jason Pretorius

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